My dream has always been to be a firefighter and I recently started going about that dream. I just finished EMT school which I was more than excited when I recieved my certification and now am about to go to medic then the academy. Anyway, I know you are subjected to a polygraph and background testing. Anyway, I was wondering if anything, besides lying, disqualifies you? I made a few mistakes a few years back. I am 22, almost 23 now and basically was a straight laced kid in high school who didnt get involved in drinking til senior year where I also tried pot about a couple times. I had never tried any other drug up until I was 20 or so and I tried cocaine 2-3 times and Xanax once. I regret these choices tremendously and wish I never had been curious but people make mistakes and im willing to fess up to it. I was just hoping these few mistakes wouldnt make departments look down on me. I do not have any type of criminal record but was handcuffed only because I was with my buddy when he did a "beer run". Didnt get charged with anything though. All stupid petty kid mistakes which I have learned from and grown into a better man because of. Sorry for this long history of my life, I was just wondering everyones thoughts on this. Will departments understand, as long as im honest, that people are not perfect and make mistakes. I have never abused any type of drug and never will take another one for the rest of my life. Anyway, I guess I am just wondering if my dream of being a firefighter is ruined or if I should continue on with my path and try to do what I wanna do in my life and thats fight fires and help people. Thanks for reading.