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    Unhappy a few questions

    I know this question has been answered numerous times and trust me I have been doing a lot of research on this site. I have noticed that everyone has different takes on this issue: past drug experimenting. I just recently finished up EMT school and was very excited to recieve my certification a few months back. I am on track to becoming a full time firefighter, atleast that is my plan. In high school, i was pretty straight laced. Didnt do anything "bad" til I became a senior and started to drink a little and tried weed only a couple times but didnt like it. I stopped all drinking after my buddy got in a serious car accident that almost killed him that senior year. I am now about to be 23 in June and back about two- three years back, I unfortunately tried cocaine which was the dumbest thing I think I ever have done in my life. I tried it about 2-3 times and told myself I would never touch that stuff for the rest of my life, which I never will. I have tried Xanax once in my lifetime and I did 2 cycles of steriods which I regret also and never will do again either! Bottom line is I am afraid my stupid mistakes, yet I feel its a part of growing up and learning from them, which I have tremendously, but Im afraid those mistakes will hender my ability to get hired onto a fire department in about 2 years. By the time I decide to get job, it will be about 4-5 years since I had touched anything. I am just curious since some say just be honest, which I was planning on being anyway, while others say dont say anything unless asked. I feel I am a better person from my mistakes, I just pray it wont affect my future as a firefighter. I just feel when I state I tried cocaine 2-3 times, keep in mind, this was in a span of less than a month, that its going to totally give them the wrong idea about me. Any advice, encouragement would be appreciated. Even though I have about 2 years til I plan on applying places, I have started to feel a little discouraged. Think I still have a chance?? Thanks for reading this long post.


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    Default Fire Captain Bob?

    I would ask him what he thinks you shoudl do/say/think.

    I know for sure this: you can't change what has come before. YOu can only change what comes in the future. Don't panic.

    Capt. Bob?

    Dr. Jen

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    Those doing the hiring process look for patterns. Cocaine and steroids are looked at differently. Candidates believe they still have a shot if itís been more than 5 years. They have convinced themselves by the four inches between their ears that they have an explanation about what has happened in the past that will convince those in the hiring process theyíre the right candidate. So, they pack on all kinds of credentials, degrees, experience, academy, paramedic, etc. thinking this will erase the problems of the past. Not always true.

    When I tell candidates it will difficult to get hired with problems in their background like drugs, what do you think most say? Well, Iím going on anyway. How many do you think get back to me that they were hired?


    The application and background packet will ask you in several different ways, ďHave you everĒ. Computers donít forget. If you donít put it down they find it your immediately eliminated from the hiring process.

    Where is can really play out is in the psych evaluation where up to 40% of candidates fail. With problems in your past the doc will ask you some difficult questions that could take the wheels off your wagon.

    "Captain Bob"

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    Arrow response

    As a soldier in a relatively select/elite medical sector of the US Army (hooah)
    I have seen first hand what the Cpt. was saying above.
    But I add this...DO you believe in your self? Is what you are saying really true? only you know. Remember that the men you may one day house with wont.

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