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    Default Boots! Once again...

    So, it looks like I'll be working for ODF this summer. Not guaranteed, but the lady in charge of the hiring process was very delighted to see that I was a medic.

    Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what boots to get so I can start breaking them in now. My attention for the time being is being drawn towards the danner fire line and the danner 10" uninsulated super rainforest (I have a pair of acadias for duty boots and so I'm slightly biased towards Danner). Has anyone had experience with either boot? I would rather not spend more than 300 for a pair of boots. Obviously, I need a boot that won't fail on me and will be comfortable enough to keep me going all day, but to get a boot close to $400 (whites boots) for probably just one season of wildland firefighting seems just not worth it.
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    One idea is to check out the factory seconds of WESCO (I can't get a direct url to link to, so this will get you closer without having to search it out) You need to look at the firestormer and the job master. The firestormer is a jobmaster but with the fire and oil resistant sole or kevlar laces a standard feature.

    I have been using Wesco's for close to 20 years now, and never had a problem. The other manufactuers may have the same type of deal.... I'm not interested enough to look at them (it ain't broke, so don't need to fix )
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    A BIA Agency we have an IA agreement with wear Danner boots. If you are comfortable with the fit of the Danners, they will work for you.

    I would stay with the Flashpoint 10" or QUARRY LOGGER GTX over the Super Rain Forest 10''. I prefer a boot with more heel. My back and legs feels better when I wear boots with more heel.

    Good luck on getting the job and stay safe.


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    I've been wearing the Rain Forest as a uniform and wildland boot for years. No complaints. Check out Danner's factory outlet at 127th and Airport Way the next time you're in PDX.


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    I have fought wildland fires for about 5 years now and I got a pair of danners my first year, Tillamook which is now the fireline, I really enjoyed them. But at the time I was using a bad boot grease and they didnt last more than 3 years. I went back and bought a pair of fireline and I found out that it was more than just the name that they changed. They went cheap and started using glue on the soles and a lower quality leather that broke down quicker and I now use a really good boot grease, Ill be lucky if I can get one more year out of them. If all your using them for is just one season of firefighting then they wouldnt be a bad way to go but if this is something you might look into for a few years, look into something that is built to last.

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    So this is my first year and I am trying to also look into which boots to go with. The two that I have narrowed my search down to would have to be The Danner's: Tillamook http://www.hoffmanboots.com/ProductI...ctid=TILLAMOOK

    or the 10" Nick's Forester

    I guess if anyone could give me some good direction on both of these boots that would be much appreciated. I have read what was above about the danners and has anyone else had this issue. I have a pair of danner station boots and im very satisfied with them.

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    Having just posted a lengthy response earlier, I recommend LaSportiva's Glacier. The one thing that I left out of my other post is that you need to check with your agency first to make sure they don't have there own regulations. Prior to that I wore Nick's and they worked great. I liked them up until I tried Sportivas, they provide a little more ankle support for me.

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