We recieved a grant for new SCBA and were going through the trial process. Initially we figured on bringing in MSA just to give SCOTT competition so they would bring their price down as we are a SCOTT department and we were pretty much looking to stay. First off were coming from scott 2.2s no bells and whistles with carbon cylinders. Well MSA came down and did a great presentation and i mean great and we really liked the packs had a lot of good features and we found 3 main cons over all of us doing the review and that was the: bell for the low air coming from scott prefer something like a vibra alert minor issue, the ammount of batteries, and long term cost. The long term cost fits into us not having a large budget to upkeep on these new packs. Right now MSA has offered us a sweet offer to replace everything we have from SCOTT now(meaning not just giving us the pack with 2 bottles that the grant alotted us for but also replacing every single spare we have in house as well as on the trucks) with what we require to fulfill the grant plus options of our choice on the pack all for the ammount we were given the grant for not a penny more. Like i said sweet deal which really has swayed us big time to where we were just using them for pricing to now most of us making the MSA pack our front runner and coming to the point where SCOTT has a lot to prove to us. Now my question is and sorry but this is directed at people who have used the MSA packs and if possible the new CBRN approved ones specificly.(not to become a MSA SUCKS because i use scott thread or MSA is better because i said so) i want real answers with reasons to back it up i know this is hard to get on these forums sometimes, but here it goes. To those who have used these packs do you like them if so what do you like about them and why? To those who dont like them why dont you? Have you encountered any major issues with the packs whether it be opperational situations or general service issues? And how cost effective are the packs do you find yourself spending a lot of money into these packs just to keep them running?