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    Smile Boston/MA joint recruitment

    What info does anyone have on this hiring if any... just paid for my test today!!! $75 dollars if you pay before the 18th $100 dollars after that... test is in april I believe... also I am coming from michigan so if anyone else is going we can go for a road trip... let me know!

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    Default good luck

    If you are not a resident for 1 year prior to the exam in the city which you are applying for your chances are slim and none.

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    In the grand scheme of things with HRD, aka Civil Service.

    Children of cops and jakes that are LODDs go to the top of the list.
    Veterans who are residents get preference.
    Civilians who are residents are next.
    Non residents..everyone else.

    My son is #27 on my community's current list.

    Boston requires you to live in the city for at least a year.. and they do ask for proof, if I recall correctly... proof of residency are tax bills, utility bills. lease agreements, etc.

    Most of the other Civil Service communities require you to live in or within a 15 mile radius of the community you are applying for.
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    Default Experience Points

    I read something about experience points. Can someone tell me what this is about.

    I am taking the test and am interested in relocating from another state. I've been a FF for 11 years and I am currently a Lieutenant at a large City Dept.
    Will this help me out at all? Is it not even worth coming up there to take this test if I am an out-of-towner?

    Please advise?


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    I'll be heading up there just to get some more practice for taking tests. If something happens out of it, good. If not, no big deal. Like CaptainGonzo said, the way they hire through residency favors those in-state.

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    They do require the bills. They also go to your apt, check your drawers look at your pictures, look at your mail check your living arrangements and speak to your neighbors.

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