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    Default Station security.....admin won't invest $$$

    I work for a department in CA, the city used to be a bedroom community 20 years ago. Since then it has evolved into a cesspool of gangs, crime, homeless and all the problems of big cities even though we are just over 100k population.

    Our issue has been that there have been regular occurances of vehicle vandalism, theft, and even turnouts being stolen from stations. The crew at one station witnessed 3 juveniles throwing concrete chunks into the front of a members truck, the crew chased down one of the kids but of course the firefighter had to pay for his deductible. The chiefs still think of the city as a decent town with friendly citizens, as they remember it to be 20 years ago. The line personel have asked for fencing around the stations numerous times and each time it is turned down because of the budget, or fences are ugly etc. This morning my captain found his bicycle stolen from behind the station. He is an avid cyclist and the bike was close to $8,000. He initially thought we were playing a joke on him because we always get on him about leaving it out at night. He is owning this and concedes he should have brought it inside, but we also found the screen on his dorm window was removed this morning. We don't think it is a personal thing against him, his dorm is just the one most accessable the firefighter and I sleep in a room at the rear of the station. This is an old station with heavy duty screens that are designed to be removed from the inside and even then they are a pain to get in or out. It appears someone took it off from the outside. This is now imposing on our safety in the stations, so my question is do we have any way to force the city into making an attempt to put fences up for both secure parking and station security?

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    File a claim for for the vandalism and thefts of personal property with the City's Legal Department. The cost to pay for damaged cars on a regular basis will far exceed the cost of fencing. Even with fencing, it may not deter the little bahstids.

    The Captain who left an $8K bicyle outside in a known crime area needs to have his head examined.

    As far as turnouts being stolen, if the City provides the gear, they have to replace it. How many times will they pay for gear at about $2K a whack?

    You can do your part, too, Make sure the doors are locked at all times, the windows secured and such. Keep the lockers and doorm room locked at all times.

    Don't leave the apparatus bay doors open all the time.

    Ask the PD to make the Firehouse part of their daily patrol.
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    While those are valid points there are some issues with them.

    This station in question is in a remote industrial area with little to no traffic after about 5 pm. The cops are already running call to call and have no time to patrol stations (there were 2 cop cars parked in the fire station parking lot on the evening in question, the city issues each cop their own car and they can leave them at stations). The windows have to be left open because the HVAC system is not working and the station causes everyone who sleeps there to have nasal issues if its closed up, and yes we have tried to have this addressed as well. As far as the Captain leaving his bike out........ hes one of those guys that could be diagnosed with cancer, only it would be cancer that causes you to crap gold. That has been a running joke for a long time. We call him Irish because he lucks out all the time. In this case it may have bit him, but I would not be suprised if somehow Cannondale heard about this and gave him a new carbon fiber racing bike....thats his luck.

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    We have had the same problem too, though not as bad as you guys seem to have it. Gonzo is right, due your part. But I also understand that there is only so much you can do without help from the city. Our city prides itself in being one of the nicest, cleanest, safest, wealthiest citys in the county and refuses to listen to the cops about crime problems. Infact the mayor had the city manager tell the police chief to slow down the number of SWAT busts in the city because he was afraid it would give the city a bad image. I've learned that it has to happen to them before they will act.
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