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    Default Chiefs Held Responsible

    I think I remember seeing something about a fire chief and maybe their assistants being charged in the deaths of a firefighter due to the lack of training. I think it may have been in Canada but not sure. I have tried searching the site without luck. I guess because I don't eneter the correct info in the search box. If you are familiar with this or any other incidents where a fire chief or offices have been charged either criminally or civily for allowing a friefighter with out the proper training to participate in fire suppression activities let me know the websites or email me at ladder_captain@yahoo.com so I can review them for a research project.


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    This is probably the one your thinking about from Canada. The one where the Union boss made the comment on the young man not having any training, from info he had heard from somebody. I really don't know why he felt the need to criticize this dept when he has nothing to do with it but anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nmfire View Post
    I just watched the video this past weekend. Amazing.

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