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    Default When to request payment??

    We have received our invoice for turnout gear, but the gear has not yet been received. When should we request our award funds? What is the turn around time for payment requests? Last year it took over a month to get the funds. I called the program office and they said it is only taking a week. Has this been the experience of anyone here?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Well I would say that I'm not paying for anything until I have it and make sure that it is right. When I requested funds in the past it only took a few days for the money to arrive. I'm sure that the seller knows how AFG works and if they can't wait till the funds are placed into your account for you to pay it then oh well.

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    Default Request for funds

    After my request for funds were approved, I received the money in just a few days. I too would wait till you have all your order and it is correct.

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    Request the funds once you recieve and approve the TO. Once the request for funds is approved usually 3-5 business days to be deposited.

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