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    Default Narrative Formating Question

    We are writing our 2008 Operations and Equipment Application to replace worn-out and dated equipment. We have the solid info on years of service life, NFPA standards, mfgr's service life data, etc. but now we've come down to a question on formating the narrative. The question is: Should we list the Project Description for Item 1, then the project description for item 2, then the financial need for item 1, financial need for item two, and so on....

    Or, should we detail the description, financial need, cost/benefit, and statement of effect for one, then the other...

    If I knew how the review instrument was formatted, it would be a big help (I've never done peer review, but I've signed-up!) Does the review instrument walk them through the four requirements for each piece, or does it ask in order for the entire package.

    I figure that if it's easier for the reviewer to follow in order, it will receive a higher grade... Any thoughts?

    And THANK YOU for any help!
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."

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    What I do is under each heading I describe each item seperately. So if I was applying for SCBA and a TIC I would do it like this.

    Project Description

    Overview of issues with SCBA
    Overview of issue with TIC
    Cost of entire project
    What the plan is for SCBA with cost
    What the plan is with TIC with cost

    This process would continue for each heading.

    As you said make it easy for the PR to read.

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