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    Default Questions about working as a medic on an oil rig

    Hello all. Thanks for a great forum.

    I'm hoping that I can get some information about what the job responsibilities are working on an oil rig. I know that the paramedic is usually the "Safety Officer" and has clerical work to do. Does this mean that for 5-8 hours a day you are checking fire extinguishers, doing safety inspections, and filling out paperwork? Or, is that more like 1 or 2 hours a day, and the rest of the time you are sitting in a station or clinic environment, just waiting for a call or a pt, relaxing, watching tv, online, ect...(like it is at a fire dept station that has a low call volume)?

    What are the good companies to work for? I know Acadian does oil rig work. I know that working conditions and pay can vary greatly from company to company and rig to rig. What's the key to getting the best working conditions?

    Also, the big question- What's the pay like? I gross about 3G's a month working 24 hour shifts. Is oil rig pay about the same, or significantly more.

    A little background on me-

    I've been a paramedic for 8 years, doing 911 and routine transfers, fire department employed and private company employed. I'm a certified fire fighter as well as a hazmat tech and have worked as a firefighter/medic on an engine for several years.

    I'm just looking for an interesting career change.

    Thanks for any advice and info.

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    just a little bump to the top.

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