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    Default Memphis Tn medic/firefighter here to say hi and ask a question

    Hello everybody and thanks for a great forum. I've enjoyed reading here a lot.

    I have a question. Are new members not allowed to post new threads (except in the "meet and great") until they have a certain post count?

    I was trying to start a new thread to get some info about working as a medic on an oil rig (I'm a 8 year medic), and I clicked "submit new thread" but my thread isn't up?

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    Hi guys. Can anybody give me some about posting new threads?

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    In my town :-)


    Welcome to the forums. It should show up soon if it hasn't already. New people until a certain number of posts have to get their posts checked over by the WT (webteam) before the WT submits them. If it doesn't end up showing up PM the WT.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Brady Lewis
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    Welcome to the forums from a few miles north on US 51.

    It may take a few days to get things up and running "normally" for new members. As soon as they decide you're not a troll you'll be up and running.

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    Good to go. Thanks for the info, guys.

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