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    Default Annual Operating Budget Questions

    When listing figures for our annual operating budget, under grants, is the program asking for annual grants that the FD would receive or in the case of 1-time award from a State or FEMA grant are we to include them as well?

    My question relates to those 1 time awards that would increase the amount of an operating budget for that year. I don't want FEMA to perceive that we have more money annually than we normally do, thus it might jeopardize any awards.

    My company received a FEMA, State, and Wal-Mart grant for 2007. Our normal budget is around $70,000, however with those grant awards, our income more than doubled for that year. Any suggestions?
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    One time grants are that, typically to purchase capital items such as the AFG. No need to report in the operating budget. If a grant is a recurring grant each year, that would be added.

    You will find in the narrative section, you will have to list any awards through DHS and FEMA.

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