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    Default k12/partner saw?

    I'm looking for the all inclusive site for k12's/partner saws? Are k12's the same as a partner saw? Are there any rec's/requirements? Any help/advise much appreciated.

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    To be technically correct - what you're asking about is a "Cut Off Saw"

    Partner is a brand name same as Sthil, Husqvarna (which actually owns Partner now), Cutters Edge, etc.

    K-12 (or the K-12 FD) is a specific Model saw whos name has become the generic by which all cut off saws are called - much like Kleenex is used interchangeable as tissue even though Kleenex is a specific brand name.

    While I don't think there is one true End-All Be-All site for cut off saws (and it depends on what exactly you're trying to find out) - here's a good place to start.


    I'd also suggest talking to your local Husqvarna dealer.

    Hope that gets you started in the right direction anyway.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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