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    Default Need Help to transfer from GA to FL!!

    I am currently a fire fighter in the state of georgia and have been for the past 5 years. I am currently in the last semester of EMT-I and will finish in june. My problem is that I want to transfer to the state of FLorida and have just realized how difficult, if not impossible to transfer. I sent in my package of certifications, along with time in service, fire science diploma, NPQ certifications, etc. I received a generic letter within 3 business days of mailing Florida Standards and Training my application, that stated i was deficent. Does anyone from another state ever have enough training to satisfy Florida???? It sounds to me like all they want is MONEY!!! For firefighters from out of state to PAY to attend one of their training centers. I am interested to find anyone that has transfered from another state, specifically Georgia, and maybe enlighten me as to some of the pitfalls, and the exact documentation they are looking for. To be honest... I feel very insulted to receive the letter from FST. I understand they have a more extensive training requirement, but to tell me that I dont even rate to take their fire fighter I challenge test after 5 years as a full time paid fire fighter with numerous seach and rescue, hazmat, confined space, structural fire, flamable liquid, etc., etc. all obtained at the Georgia Fire Academy is honestly pretty upsetting. Any help, suggestions, comments, or opinions would be very helpful.

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    Question Second response?

    This is a clip from the Florida State Fire College website. It is very informative.
    "The Firefighter Minimum Standards course consists of a minimum of 360-hours of training. The first 160-hours includes NFPA Firefighter I and Florida specific requirements. The following 200-hours includes NFPA Firefighter II and Florida specific requirements." It clearly states that for FFI you need 160 hours, you state that you only have 132. I hope this will help. The web site I obtained this from was http://www.fldfs.com/sfm/bfst/index.shtml

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    Florida is very hard to transfer into. I believe that they will not accept any other state certs. They riquire you to take the whole Fire I and II standards over again. You may be able to challenge the EMT exam, not sure. Most people that I have talked to that come here from other states have to start all over again. It is very competitive here getting a job. Most departments usually don't really care about past fire experience either. Good luck hope you find a way to get down here.

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    The latest I have heard about Florida is that if you have your DOD(department of defense) FF2, you can turn it in and get you Florida FF1. They are pretty retentive if you know what I mean. Pensacola Junior College has an academy, Chipola Community College, FL State Fire Academy in Ocala and there are a couple more in south Florida. Pain in the butt if you ask me after all the experience and certs you may have but its Florida...what else could you expect?

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    Odds are your gonna have to go through fire academy here in florida for 1 and 2. as for any other stuff you can sit down with a panal and go over everything they will give you some stuff but not all of it. for example got tactics 1 and 2? they may give you credit just for 1..

    Florida also has no EMT-I only EMT-B and paramedic.

    The jobs are hard to find, there out there but just scarce and very competitive.

    Good luck if you decide to come on down, no lack of warm weather!

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