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    Lightbulb Pressing Forward in CA

    Hello all. My situation is this. I am deliberating my chances/percentage at a position in the fire service in California. Ultimately I would like to be in the North area of the state but to get the ball rolling am looking everywhere in the state. I graduated this past December with Bachelors in fire science and a minor in criminal justice. My emt-basic has lapsed while in school however and so I will be doing that training this summer. I should have my emt by August. Of course this has natuarlly hindered my application process. I have the certifcations except that my FFI and II are from out of state and in CA out of state is pretty much not accepted, depending on review by organization. Sometimes they're accepted together as FFI.

    Anyway, for the mean time I am looking at the criminal justice field and currently am working in that field. However I am still deliberating about my real chances at getting a position in the fire service here in CA without any prior service in a department except for a 3 month internship in prevention work. I know the competition is quite high. Should I simply begin focusing on my career with criminal justice? Or are there reasonable possiblilites of being able to be a chosen candidate within a year or so after obtaining my emt-b and getting my cpat? I'm willing to travel and spend the money to get to places to test, as much as I possibly can of course. I am just trying to be completely realistic is all and I know many others here probably have much more experience and knowledge with the whole process. Any suggestions or thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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    any thoughts anyone?

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    Default ....

    Post test.

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