Our new mayor is making a grab at our pension. We need your help to kill the amendment in our state legislature. The gist is the city has not paid their full contribution in years (this is currently under litigation.) Now they want to take control of the pension away from the members. The same local government that has not budgeted their legal obligations wants to control the pension so they can do what they want. Also, the LFUCG has recently settled the cost of a large fine with the EPA and where do you think there is a couple million sitting in a bank...Police and Fire Pension Fund. We Local 526 need some help to kill this.

Did I mention they did this with 11 days on the docket.

KY Senate Leaders:

President Senator David Williams (R) http://www.lrc.ky.gov/Mailform/S016.htm

Minority Senator Ed Worley (D) http://www.lrc.ky.gov/Mailform/S034.htm

KY House Leaders:

House Speaker Rep. Jody Richards (D) (male) Jody.Richards@lrc.ky.gov

I am sure this will be the first of many grabs at any pension plans public and private across the nation. Thanks for your help.

Any anti-union leave your flames and such to yourselves. Just be happy that your financial future is not in the hands of politicians.

Thanks in advance.

Here is an example of what you can email to your Senators and Reps.

As an IAFF union firefighter I am asking you to oppose any amendment to HB 600 that may be supported by Mayor Newberry. Here in the eleventh hour of the secession in Frankfort he is trying to change our KRS pension laws to give control over our pension to the city council. Both the Lexington Firefighters Local 526 and the FOP of Lexington oppose this. This has not been voted on by the membership of the pension nor did the pension board approve this. Our local acknowledges that the pension needs changes and have offered to work with the mayor to a mutually agreeable solution. But the mayor instructed both Local 526 and the FOP president that we needed to get behind this new language and support it. The language that the mayor is proposing does not define what the benefits will be for the new hires in the future other than this will be set by city council and will abolish health insurance for them once they retire. I am asking that you strongly oppose any type of amendment that is not approved by the pension membership or Local 526!!