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    Hey Guys, I have been lurking on this website for sometime now. I am going to Meps on Tuesday. I aced my pre ASVAB exam getting 48 out of 50 right. Medically I have never broken a bone, or taken any prescriptions. I am planning on Joining the MD ARNG and enrolling in the fire Protection program. I am looking to further pursue a career as an EMT/Paramedic while serving my country and in turn using the National guard benefits to get a free education. I have a computer science degree but hate being locked in a cubicle and not working out, interacting with people, or being active.

    I was reading somewhere that when you finish the academy you are DOD certified as a firefighter I and II, an EMT, and hazmat. I am not sure if any of this is true but any info you can provide would be great. I am looking to attend basic in June, then head to the Academy and be home around thanksgiving Christmas time. So any advice you gentleman can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Nick Milano

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    ...there are millions of threads and topics in this forum about the same subject of "i want to join the ____, what can i expect from the academy". FFI/FFII, ARFF, Hazmat Aware/Ops, and First Responder/CPR. I'm not sure if they do Hazmat Tech at the school yet or net... I know you need to have it for your 5 level. EMT-B is usually taught at our base, or through your fist base.

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    Hazmat Tech and EMT-B are not certs obtained through techschool. They are available through the ANG but are both individual courses.

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