Has anyone been awarded a training award for computer based learning? I know that it is not the priority for the grant.

We are looking at doing a PPE grant. The OSHA training goes nicely with the grant. Last year we had an outsider trainer do the training (from the Chief's Association - did a great job). This year we are doing a local training and reviewing the video from last year. I see that one of the State Firematic Organizations is developing a web based OSHA training (based on NFPA).

We are in the process of getting high speed internet access at the firehouse. I am thinking that a computer or two would make sense to set up a learning station for the OSHA and other training. For NIMS, we had a take a none high-speed internet user over to a high-speed home to do the training. The advantage of this would be that the OSHA training would be recorded (with testing) and firefighters could do it on their schedule rather than when the trainer was available. This is a course a big deal in the volunteer fire service.

So my question is has anyone been funded on a training project like this?

OSHA is a high training priority but computer based interactive seems to be a lower (but not the lowest) level training.

I think we could also make a case that the NYS is moving to a computer interactive FF1 course (with hands on training). So it can be a two-fer.

S. Kelleher