Hello all this is my first post on the firehouse forums. And to let you know i have searched these forums up and down and tried to find my solution, but still can't. To start off i have been training to be a firefighter for some time taking all the classes and going to one of the busiest local stations here in bako and have done about 90 hours ride along time. my question is i just passed my written and skills test and now have to take the cpat, i'm taking it in orange county so i can get it over with and done but during the dummy drag what is the best way to drag him one handed or two handed the first time i had the cpat i did two handed and felt like it was taking along time i didn't stop once though but i have been training out front alot with a bucket and about 150 to 170 pounds in it and can pull it alot faster one handed and i like the power with my legs one handed what do you think i should do thanks all i appreciate it alot.