It's that time of year again where those who are into motorsports start looking forward for racing to begin. As in the past, I have posted on here an invitation to anyone who is interested in getting involved on the "hot side" of the track to come to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to volunteer on their "Safety Team" this summer. The track will have several professional and amerature events where safety team members are needed to respond to everything from a fluid leak to a major incident. The AMA motorcycle events are popular and the Indy Racing League in July requires a lot of firefighters to staff each pit box where the ethenal based fuel is stored and cars are fueled.

If you are interested in coming to the track to see what it is like, send me an e-mail at and I will e-mail you back an application that you can send in to the track. Most pro-events are Friday-Saturday-Sunday affairs, but even if you can only make it for one or two days, they can usually find a place for you to fit in.

PS. I can also hook you up with the Chief of the Safety Team at Nelson Ledges Road Course if you are interested in helping out at that track