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    I'm just curious, but does anyone know what happened? I was really looking forward to geoing through their process. I applied for a certified position, got the first email saying they are hiring 6 in september. Two days later I get another email saying that the process is cancelled. Are they feeling the amendment 1 bite also? Not enough people apply?

    Again, I'm just curious. Thanks

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    not sure what happened. they did say they would be starting the process again in 8 months. with a new station opening up they will definitely need to hire some new people.

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    The process was postponed due to the uncertainty of budget cuts. Over 500 people applied to this hiring process. The fire chief says that when they know what the budget looks like in Sept/Oct they will be hiring.
    P.S. the union's position is that keeping the 6 vacenicies open is a firefighter safety issue, and less affordable than hiring new bodies. So keep looking on the city's website,

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