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    Default Obstacle Course

    Looking for a diagram for a cone obstacle course for firetruck driving training. Engines and platform diagrams.


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    Check in You should be able to find something there.

    Stay safe out there, everyone goes home!

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    Also, Annex A of NFPA 1002 has some diagrams, in addition to all of the written descriptions of requirements throughout the rest of the document. View it online here.


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    The ifsta Pump Operator manual has diagrams of all the required maneuvers. All dimensions are the same for engine or aerial except the serpentine which I think varies from 34' - 38' . We have a course laid out that incorporates them all into one big route.

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    Default VFIS Competency Course

    The standard layout for VFIS is designed for a vehicle of 96" out side of tire to outside of tire and a wheelbase (axle center to axle center) 170" or less. The width of the course needs to be adjusted for each vehicle width and the serpentine lengthened if > 170" for wheel base. Additionally the offset alley should be lengthened to 52 feet if the wheelbase is greater then 220 inches. You will also find that the offset alley is very difficult with very long rear overhangs. The parallel park should be 8 ft. longer than the vehicle length. This won't be realistic for some apparatus with reduced cramp angles, as it will be impossible to fit it into vehicle length plus eight feet limit.
    Straight line exercise needs to be 6" wider than the maximum width of the widest axle (usually the rear) and the Diminishing Clearance needs to be set at 2" wider (exit end) and 18" wider (entry end) than the widest axle. A 50 ft. wide 3 point turn is too easy for some short coupled vehicles with tight cramp angles. Some cab over vehicles with short wheel bases can almost turn around in a 50 ft. area without backing up.
    Current instructors at VFIS will tell you that 2 people can layout the course in 45 min. B.S. Expect that it will take at least 1 1/2 hours until you become darn proficient. Even with student help and lots of experience my partner and I working together have never done a complete set up inless than 1 hr 10 min.

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