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    Default Question for Denver area Firefighters

    I am a 40 year old with 20 years of paid experience as a Firefighter/EMT in the St. Louis area. I have done a lot of searching and have found quite a few districts and departments around Denver that look like they would be good to work at. I am trying to talk my wife into relocating but I would have to secure a job there first. Can anyone tell me a few of the best places to concentrate on. My main concerns would be morale, good working conditions, pay and benefits. I am looking anywhere (including in the mountains) within 1.5 hours of Denver. Also, a couple of the best school districts will help too. Thanks
    Any info that results in a job offer will earn you a coulpe cases of Busch/Bud??? or even Coors.

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    aurora has the cherry creek school district that is regarded as one of the best, if not the best, in the state. theres lots of diversity here too, ranging from suburbs to poor spots on colfax. for you kid and for a good department id say aurora is the way to go. just my opinion

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