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    Default Big water toys

    What exactly is the difference between a play pipe, monitor, master stream, and deck gun??

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    I'll give it a crack, they might not be text book but....

    Play Pipe, 2 1/2"+ nozzle with 2 D handles (on on each side of the valve assembly) and straight tips.

    Monitor, applicance for delivering a high volume water flow, usually has 1 or more inlets, may have a mechanical device to raise or lower stream.

    Master Stream, high volume water stream usually delivered through a monitor

    Deck Gun, monitor mounted above the pump panel on a piece of appratus. Usually pre-piped. Taken off the deck and put on the stand it becomes a ground monitor.

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    I would say that FR43 summed it pretty well.

    I have always been taught that masterstreams are any fire streams that deliver more than 250 gpm delivered through any applaince - could be through stationary handline, portable monitor, deck gun, aerial, etc.
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