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    Default SCBA Ejection Seats


    I got the chance to play with them on a demo and we had no problems what so ever. Not to mention the guys love the, We specked them on our new tiller, and are considering retro-fitting our 07 Engine that curently has the Zico mechanicle/spring clamps with the pull lever (can't remember what they're called) The ZICO work....but they are problematic as far as not releasing or locking down on the bottle the hole way and the pack falls out driving dwown the road if no ones in the seat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by firebill911 View Post
    Any comments on the pierce hands free seats? I understand that it is totally hands free and you can buy them and have them installed on any chasis. Curious if they work as cool as they sound?
    We had just received a new Impel with the Pierce Hands Free Brackets. Everyone likes them as there is nothing to remember to strap or pull prior to ejection. The air packs lock in securely and there is no risk of masks launching themselves due to collision. Only complaint was the price. It was a $700 per seat upgrade!!! Probably $200 for the bracket and $500 for liability insurance these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neiowa View Post
    Have you called Bostrom for help? Your equipment is not unique and there are few new such problems in the world.
    This is certainly the route to take. I'd guess that Scott holds the US market on SCBA, so having their products not fit securely will hurt sales of the seats, I'm betting Bostrom will want to rectify this.

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    Well, it took as many days that I opened this thread from the graveyard, that today I got a reply from H.O. Bolstrom.

    They sent me a PDF of all the adjustments, and in what order to do them, for different sized SCBA bottles. I'll be taking care of this tomorrow.

    The fact that they have a site, and yet no information on how the system works, nor the adjustability of it, is really a thorn in my side.

    If anyone has this set up, and needs the info for adjusting it, let me know, I'll pass it along.


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    We just took delivery of our new tanker with the Bostrom seats. I believed we had the adjustment procedure in hand, but wanted to be absolutely sure before trying to make the adjustments. We called the customer service number off of their website Friday evening and spoke with a rep there. Within 5 minutes, we received a fax with the adjustment instructions. I found that they were very friendly and easy to work with. Stay safe.


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