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    Default Question for the trade show attendees

    A friend (non-firefighter) is starting a business. He asked me to help him out at a show he is going to be a vendor at (Firehouse Expo.) Do you care that the person you are speaking to is a firefighter when they are talking to you about the product? Is it okay for the "salesman" to tell you they are a firefighter?
    I was wondering if I should tell perspective customers I am a firefighter as well. I will not be getting paid (yet)..just helping out a friend.
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    Don't see where it could hurt as long as you really are a firefighter. I don't want some guy to try and BS me about being a firefighter just because he thinks it will sell his product.

    I also think you should be using whatever your selling. Once again I don't need some guy telling me that he has the best product for me and it hasn't even been used in real world situations.

    Just my thoughts

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    1. Yes
    2. No. Most guys will know if you are a fireman or not by the way you speak and carry yourself.

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    What's the product? Some things need to be sold by non-fire people since they know more about it and not just how to use it.
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    When buying something, I tend to put more credibility on the salesman, if he has field experience in the profession he is trying to sell into. That being said, I will also buy from a vendor if, even though he may not (in this case be a firefighter) have field experience, but if he truly believes in his product - not just from a sales point of view, but that it will do what he is promising. In other words, he knows and understands all the techicalities of what the produce is, and what it should do.
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