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    Default Pelican flashlights

    Hello everyone,
    I have a question regarding Pelicans Flashlights. Which is better for smoky conditions, LED or Xenon. Pelican claim that their LED is pointed backward and the light reflected is stronger, sharp and will cut through light better. Which is great and worth the increase in price, if it works better. So if any one has used either or both, I would appreciate the info.


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    We use streamlight. I've tried LED and Non-LED. Our whole dept now uses LED if they do entry and the non LED is given to ground support

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    I have used the Streamlight Survivor LED for about a year now and I think it is a good light. The only downside to it is that the beam of light (for lack of better words) is a straight beam of light with little radiant light. So you have to pretty much point the light straight at what you want to see. I have noticed with my gear that the light does not stay forward unless I point it that way with my hand, which is why I attached a light to my helmet. other than that, great light. I have not used a halogen version of it, but I do think that version has more radiance.

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    Well we use Koehler Bright Star lights and I can tell you that we have tried all the lights out there. I know that when we used LED it was not as bright and when I talked to one of the sales people that is also a FF in PA he told me that LED was not has hot so there for not as bright. The only good thing that came out of us using LED was the burn time weather it was a box light or hand held it seemed to last 2 times as long. I really dont like streamlight and we did like pelican but we found out that they copied there light from koehler so we talked to them and saved us alittle bit of money for each light. I think that if you like a bright light then go for xenon but if you want one that is not as bright but last much longer then go for LED.

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