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    Angry Need Help Transfering from GA to FL firefighter

    I have been a fulltime paid firefighter in the state of Georgia and I am currently trying to get my certificates transfered to Florida. What a nightmare!! I knew going into this that Florida had their own criteria and standards for their minimum standards, but I had no idea just how difficult it is to transfer my certifications to satisfy the florida requirements. I originally sent a package containing all my certificates along with a equalivancy application, only to be mailed a generic letter stating that I did not meet floridas minimum standards. Basically no explanation, so I called and was told that my GA basic firefighter certificate was not enough. I was told that I needed a break down of the the total hours from the georgia fire academy, showing how many hours were used for each type of training. Well, when I call the georgia fire academy to ask for this information, they tell me that they now use a different training format that consist of 187 training hours. My hours back in 2003 were 132. They tell me that it is impossible to obtain the breakdown of the origanal 132 hours showing the hours dedicated to what type of training to satisfy florida. I asked if there was any file that had this and was told that the file was sealed or destroyed!!!! Unbeleivable!! So now I am stuck. If anybody has ever made the transfer, please help. All i expect to get is a least florida firefighter 1 and I will go to the fire college for FFII in FL. What is it that the florida standards and training is looking for?

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    Lightbulb Not enough hours

    This is a clip from the Florida State Fire College website. It is very informative.
    "The Firefighter Minimum Standards course consists of a minimum of 360-hours of training. The first 160-hours includes NFPA Firefighter I and Florida specific requirements. The following 200-hours includes NFPA Firefighter II and Florida specific requirements." It clearly states that for FFI you need 160 hours, you state that you only have 132. I hope this will help. The web site I obtained this from was http://www.fldfs.com/sfm/bfst/index.shtml

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