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    Default If you can spare a few minutes Fire Explorer Post 500 could use your support.

    Explorer post 500 offers youths a career based educational expierence in
    the fire service. We need your support quickly. We have requested some
    funding through General Mills in the amount of 10,000 dollars to use
    towards a community project. The project is going to turn a donated 26
    foot camper into a rehab trailer which will be available to fire, ems,
    police, or community organizations for use at extended incidents. Please
    click on the site link below and fill out the small amount of info and
    please leave a comment on our project. These comment will be used in the
    grading of our project as it competes against the other requests. These
    comment have to be in by March 31st, 2008, yes I know that is only 2 days
    but it will only take about 5 minutes. The benefits of this project are
    huge. First we will be able to offer a unique service to the departments
    around us while getting the youths of the explorer post involved in their
    community. When you leave your comment please leave you name and title so
    that it is documented that it is not just me making these comments up.
    You help with this cause is appreciated and our post look forward to
    moving ahead with our project. Please forward this message along to
    anyone you know who might be interested in supporting this cause. You may
    have to copy this link to your browser address line in order for it to
    work. Do this by highlighting the link and pasting it to your address


    Sponsored by Hamburger HelperŪ, MyHometownHelper is giving away up to
    $100,000 to help fund projects in hometowns all across America.You can
    show your support by simply adding your comments to this request.

    Thank you for your time with this matter and if you have questions feel

    Bryan Tello (hoserbt)

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    Done! Best of luck to you.

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