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    I am new to grant writing but I am going to try and get a grant from FM Global for a fire extinguisher trainer & State Farm Ins. for highway safety vests. Has anyone gotten any grants from either company and if you did how much was it for. Looking at $9500 for a Bullex Ext. trainer and $1000 for 30-35 class 2 safety vests.

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    Got an FM Global, will be having the press conference in a couple of weeks. Got it for MDTs to put in our engine companies. We bought a Bullex trainer a couple of years ago, went with the digital one so we could do it inside a garage if needed, it only cost in the $7000 range, and we got two extra extinguishers and the booster pack. Have a grant in to State Farm for Auto Extrication training videos. Not sure what the top $ are for FM Global, but worth the try if you can link it to commercial.

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