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    Default Fitness Equipment / Wellness Program - AFG

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a wellness program / fitness equipment grant?

    I am looking at Cybex equipment, I have been told it is the most sturdy and well built for firehouses.

    I knew what I want my narrative to say, and hit on -- but I just need some general advise from anyone who has actually applied for this same project.

    Has anyone included in their budget for a personal trainer to come in every once in awhile to assist the guys? What about budgeting in for people to go to a smoking cessation class? What about the initial Physical Exam and how often do you have the MD check up with the guys?


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    We got in on last years grant for this type stuff. We got 7 pieces of gym equipment, physicals/blood screens/drug tests for each member, trainers to come to the station and meet with everyone, nutritionist to do the same, and a smoking cessation class.

    Our equipment we got (we've got most of it in already) is a Bowflex complete gym, 2 tread mills, 2 stationary cycles, and some other pieces.
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    Hello North LA.

    I am down in the south, Morgan City. I have been successful in operations and safety and fire prevention afg. Would you care to share your narrative with a fellow Louisianaian? What department do you work for? email:

    email: fdac300@atvci.net


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    Default would like a copy

    that sounds like an interesting grant for wellness and equipment.....would love to see a copy of the narrative...



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    Default wellness

    We scored a comprehensive wellness/fitness grant last year--equipment, physicals, medicals, dietitian, three people to peer-fitness certification, follow up exams, inoculations, etc. Email me at mgallagher@cambriacsd.org if you'd like the narrative and I'll shoot it back to you. Good luck.

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    Lot's of questions here! How much did your grant total? How much did your fitness equipment cost? How many people will using the equipment? I've gotten an estimate on some really good commercial and light commercial fitness equipment. I've tried to cover everybody in our volunteer department from those who are also career ff's that workout consistantly and are comfortable with free weights to those who don't workout much and would be more comfortable with a 4 station gym, something everybody could use. I've priced two treadmills, an upright bike and an awesome elliptical machine. I've priced a trainer to come in and assess everybody and then come back every 6 weeks for a year to monitor progress. I'm getting prices on physicals now.

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