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    Thumbs down Flint Fire House-Broken into, and Burglarized while Firefighters are fighting fire

    Just seen it as breaking news on ABC 12.

    I guess "someone" called in a structure fire, a few blocks from one of the fire house, and while they were out, they threw a brick through the window, and then went in and stole various items from the firefighters.

    How stupid do you have to be to do something like that?

    They think the person(s) involved, set the fire to get the firefighters out of their station.

    Karma will catch up to that person soon I'm feeling

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    Thieves struck while firefighters were out on run
    By Matt Franklin

    FLINT (WJRT) -- (03/31/08)--Repairs are being made to a Flint fire station, but the search continues for suspects who robbed Fire Station No. 3.

    The break-in happened while the crews were on a run around 8 p.m. Sunday. The station is located in the 1500 Block of Martin Luther King Avenue.

    Firefighters take every fire call they get very seriously. Now these firefighters are taking to heart that someone called in a fire just to get them out of the building and rob them.

    It will be a few days before the glass panel on front door of Flint Fire Station No. 3 is replaced.
    Story continues below

    But will take some time before the hurt some of these firefighters feel will heal after fire officials say some young thieves robbed the station.

    Fire officials believe someone set a decoy fire just two blocks from the station. After about 20 minutes, firefighters returned and found missing wallets and cell phones.

    "Well, it's very disappointing, because as you know, the fire station is home for a third of our lives," said Capt. Andy Graves.

    Graves says because it was a working fire, all of the firefighters were called out.

    "That particular call was a structure fire, so every truck at this station responded, which left no people back at the station," he said.

    One of the problems with the building is a wall right in front of the doors. It makes it very difficult to see any type of suspicious activity, especially at night.

    "This is the first time in recent history that personal items of firefighters were taken from within the station," Graves said.

    "Things like that we just have to pick up from there and continue doing our job," said firefighter Randy Patterson.

    Because it was personal property, Graves says it will be up to the firefighters to replace their own items.

    The Flint Police Department is investigating. There is no word yet on any suspects.

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