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    Default Department Call Volume Stats

    When putting in your call volume stats, I see that we are only to include calls in our primary coverage areas and not our total calls.

    Is this something new this year? Over 50% of our calls if not more are normally providing mutual aid and I didn't know what the effect would be in scoring with the stats showing lower call volumes when they are only considering our primary coverage areas and not our total call volume. Obviously I made sure to mention our total call volumes and increases in our narrative and it's affect on our financial need.

    I know of other depts. applying who are using their stats from the total amount of calls and filling these blocks out, however I don't believe they are following the rules and answering AFG's questions correctly to begin with. I didn't know what affect this would have.

    Any thoughts?
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    further down on the app is a place for mutual/auto aid calls
    I think it was the same last year

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