Fire & Emergency Services Higher Education Program (FESHE)

The Degrees at a Distance Program (DDP) is a WASC accredited, upper division degree program sponsored by the National Fire Academy’s Fire and Emergency Service Higher Education Program. The program was designed to give fire service personnel the chance to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Science with a concentration in either Fire Administration or Fire Prevention/Technology through distance learning. A consortium of seven universities and colleges serving different regions in the country offers the program. Because Cogswell College is one of seven NFA consortium schools in the sponsored by the National Fire Academy, DDP students who meet certain requirements can also earn two NFA Certificates along with their BS in Fire Science. The link to NFA is

Courses for the Degrees at a Distance Program are delivered via an online course management system. In addition, Cogswell College offers five-day resident programs each term at various locations in our three-state territory: Arizona, California, and Nevada. Throughout the program, students are in touch with expert faculty members and helpful staff members. Our faculty members have a wealth of experience in their specific fields, and are usually executive fire chiefs. The fire science courses, recently updated by the NFA consortium members, maintain a high academic standard while still addressing the practical problems of the fire and emergency services.

What Makes Cogswell DDP Program Unique:

1- The program is certified by the National Fire Academy and follows the FESHE Curriculum.

2- Besides a BS Degree, students earn automatically two NFA Certificates: NFA Certificate of Completion & NFA Certificate of Achievement

3- Low Fees and Tuition: Current tuition is $208 per unit; a fraction of what for-profit universities charge

4- The program is a member of seven DDP Consortium schools in the United States

5- High Credit transfer rate from other institutions. The Program has active articulation agreements with most community colleges offering AS/AA Degrees in Fire Science.

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If you have questions about the Degrees at a Distance Program, please contact Dr. Younes Mourchid, Director of DDP at 408-541-0100 ext. 105 or email

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We look forward to welcoming you to Cogswell College Fire Science Program.