We currently have no SCBAs compliant with the new 2007 standard. About 2/3 of our SCBAs meet the 2002 standard, and the other 1/3 are the ancient belt-mounted regulator SCBAs. Our grant application for this year is to replace the old belt-mounted SCBAs.

However, we have 4 MSAs that were purchased new last year, but did not have integrated PASS. They did, however, have the heads up display in the facepiece. My question is, would the reviewers look favorably on upgrading these to integrated PASS, or should I just include these in the number to be replaced?? I am asking this because of the cost of the new 2007 compliant SCBAs (I was quoted $5150 each for new MSAs vs. $850 each to upgrade to integrated PASS for these 4).

Also, for the purposes of this grant, would upgrading this to integrated PASS bring it up to the 2007 standard?? What exactly does the 2007 standard require? I hear a lot of talk, but no explanation of it.