Hello.....I just want to throw some stuff around "safety" In 2003 i found out i had a primary brain tumor they removed 90% of it by open surgery the other 10% couldn't be removed due to it's location on my brain stem.I'm a volunteer firefighter Asst.Chief I have been serving my area for 18 yrs.A couple of weeks ago i did a search "FIREFIGHTER BRAIN TUMOR" I was floored to find out how many Firefighters are effected with this cancer!!! This illness has changed my life for the worse.How many people on this forum are dealing with this illness??I'm just curious please do that search on firefighter brain tumors. and read into it I will put money on it by time your done you will be thinking twice what you can do diffrent to keep yourself healthy on the fire grounds so you can be there for your kids or grandchildren later in life.For me I'm here for my kids now!With the hopes of being there later in life for there KIDS.