I am the Asst Chief of a small town in Pa, sq mile coverage is 50 miles, pop 7,000. The center of this coverage are is a small town that is primarily wood frame row homes, blocks and blocks of them, 2 1/2, 3, 4 stroies tall, talles building is 13 stories. We only have about maybe 20 homes that are single unattached. We run as a department 250 cals a year, 62 were actual fire calls. My company runs a 1974 ALF 100' ladder that has seen better days, and a 1972 utility vehicle. The ladder is on its last breath and needs to be replaced, it is open jump seats with no seat belts. Through a grant writer we are now using we were going to apply for a new laddder. We meet all the requirements to be a high proiority, age of our two trucks (1972, 1974) and the 1974 being unsafe and unreliable. For guidence our grant writer contacted FEMA and asked some questions. FEMA told the grant writer that they could not justify giving this company a gant award for a new ladder, not enough call volume. ? Are you kidding me? what happened to safety and overall age of your trucks? We don't have $600,000 to buy a new ladder. I have been following along with the grants over the last few years. Some companis that are in high tax base areas are getting grants for new apparatus becuase they have the call volume. Hell these companies can buy their own apparatus. This is unfair and should be addressed.