I am currently a 27 year old male attending the University of New Mexico as a late sophomore. I am kind of stuck at a fork in the road and I'm looking for someone who has hired firefighters, is a fire investigator, or has strong knowledge of which degree would provide me with the best chance to get hired on--since, as of late, the field seems to be more competitive. I'd really appreciate any input for Albuquerque, NM if at all possible, though any input is also greatly welcomed.

Heres what's going on. I started out as an EMT and loved it, but am currently in the school of chemical engineering. I have recently discovered that I want to go back to my medical route and either finish up my degree as a paramedic or get my bachelors in nursing. Moreover, I've discovered the possibility of fire science (associates) via the local community college. Ultimately I'm torn between the idea of nursing and working for the fire department, but am leaning a bit more to the idea of fire investigating and/or fire-fighting.

My main question is this: Would I have better chance being hired on with a bachelors degree in nursing and an associates degree in fire science (UNM does not offer a degree in fire science specifically), or would I have better chance as a chemical engineer with an associates in fire science? Would having a nursing degree be less attractive than, say, a degree as a paramedic?

Thank you for reading this. I eagerly await your responses! If you have any questions, I'll be around to answer