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    Question Integration of HazMat IQ

    I took the HazmatIQ class at last years IAFC Hazmat Conference, I believe it was the debut of the class, it was excellent. I bought version 1 mixed with version 3 charts. I recently attended the full class when they came up to Connecticut and did a couple of 8 hour classes for our regional hazmat team. Again a great class and now I have version 11 charts. Anyway, we have been told that we will adopt the system. My question to those people in departments that have taken the class is how have you included the Hazmat IQ into your operations? Has it replaced or augmented your normal research procedures at an incident? Just looking for a feel how others use these new a great tool!

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    We took the class a few months ago, v10 charts. We are using them as our first step in our research. The way we see it, it gives you a baseline so you can quickly set isolation zones and start setting up while research confirms via NIOSH Guide/COBRA/MSDS. I'm less of a believer in the Above the line/Below the line part than the rest of the charts-the real value to me is the quick reference for PPE and monitoring equipment needed (Charts 3 & 4). Most of our incidents have involved chemicals that have been more complicated than elemental names.

    Hope that helps. Any feedback or ideas always appreciated.

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