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    Default Can someone explain a "Fire Territory"

    Can someone explain a "Fire Territory" for me? Is it the same thing as a "Fire District"? (Run by a board with a rep from each entity). Is it only an Indiana Term? I am curious...

    Thanks for your replies


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    According to Indiana Code 36-8-19 a fire territory is a entity with a board consisting of representatives from all entities.


    A Fire District Indiana Code 36-8-11, is governed by a county board and is formed by a county vote to contain one of more areas in the primary county


    Basically if two towns or townships combined for the purpose fo providing fire protection and representation was from both entities you would form a territory.

    A district would be formed if two or more entities combined under a county government.

    In Indiana the two major examples or most well known are Brownsburg Fire Territory where the town of brownsburg and two townships combined to create the territory. By passing identical ordinances or resolutions.

    Brown County, Indiana recently created the Brown County Fire Protection District where all departments within the county merged to create on district ran by the county and all officials are appointed by the county.

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