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    Default Bidding for Assignments

    I belong to a small department(4 shifts of 10 men) and We are currently discussing the possibiltiy of bidding for positions. Do any of you practice this, and if so what are the pros, and cons. How does it work with mutuals(swaps) or overtime coverage.

    Thanks for the help

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    Default Bids

    LA County Fire has a bid system, It solely based on seniorty, Once you get a bid you must stay there for 1 year.
    They also do mutuals.
    The Department can fill a spot after it has been open for 2 months.
    Overtime is fill by the Station, if they can not then the spot is fill by Battalion Headquarters.
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    The department I work for (Indianapolis) does a bid system. We have a posting about every 3-4 weeks and the posting stays open for about 2 weeks. Most senior person putting in for the spot gets it. No timeline to have to stay in that spot. You can put in for example E22 this posting and 4 weeks later turn around and put in for E27 and get it. Usual posting has 15-30 vacancies per shift. That's how we do it. Works pretty well.

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    We have ~ 100 line FF's and ~ 30 line officers.

    We bid once per year. Biddable spots are those created by promotion or retirement. If you are successful you have to stay for one year.

    There are three rounds each lasts 2 weeks. It is usually conducted starting the first full week of september. First round is the spots created by promotion or retirement. 2nd and 3rd are spots opened due to successful bidders.

    It is done based on time on the job for both FF and Officers.

    3 of our stations are designated has Special Ops / HAZMAT. You have to be on the "team" to bid those stations.

    6 of our stations are paramedic engines. You have to be a paramedic if you are bidding to replace a paramedic unless there is already another one there.

    The bids take effect the first full pay period in January.

    I like the system, it has been successful getting guys to the places they want. I do not like it based on job seniority, I would like to see the officer's bid by time-in-grade.

    We have unlimited mutuals / timetrades. It has no effect on the policy.

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    we have 12 stations 200 uniformed line personel. we bid all positions in december. then as positions open by retirement and promotions we bid those out for 2 weeks all bids are won by seniority. ot is done by seniority we call if you want it you take it right through the list . it does not restart the list .

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    Once year we bid or tell the BC where we would like to go... This bidding or asking goes by seniority.. If no one puts in to move we stay the same...

    On OT we go right down the list which starts with the highest seniority spot and then moves down the list... When your spot is up you have to hold it aleast one shift, if it comes up you work it unless you have someone cover it... If doesn't come then you can past it on to next person on the list...But if you keep it past the first time it stays on you until comes up...

    Sounds crazy for OT, but works out great seeing how alot guys don't want to hold there spot... Also work out cause alot guy that have full time second jobs aways past there OT on or have someone cover there spot all the time... We have few guys that work 6-8 other people OT for them all the time...

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