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    Quote Originally Posted by Fireking320 View Post
    Does anyone have any info/tips about the LA County interview.They said the interview will take 1 hour which is I belief longer then most interviews. I have my interview in a month and was wondering what kind of format or style interview they conduct, anything helpful?
    Although they tell you to allow for up to an hour the actual interview will be around 20+ minutes depending how prepared you are.

    More on LA Counties process here:

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    Default Good Luck

    Fireking...I want to wish you good luck. You will also find out that those who are close to your exam will hold their cards close to their vest as they say in poker. Those of us who are in the peripherals will help the best we can...i.e. Captain Bob, Rob and Chief Lepore. Please do not thing that you are being ignored...your not.

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