Carlisle Fire Department

First organized January 16,1802 under a charter granted by the Delaware Legislature to the Town of Milford, the operation known as a Volunteer Fire Fighting Organization. From the beginning, this organization took advantage of the most modern equipment available. In 1892, the first water mains and fire plugs were installed in Milford. In addition, the Fire Company welcomed the addition of a hand drawn hook and ladder truck from the Rusmsey Company of Seneca Falls NY. In June 1915, the Company was reincorporated under the name of Milford Fire Company, Inc. Later that year, a 10-day fund drive of $4,345 was raised to purchase a new American Lafrance engine known as Truck No.1.

In 1918, the Company named was changed to the Carlisle Fire Company in honor of firefighter Paris T. Carlisle who was killed in the line of duty in France during WWI. In 1925 the first permanent firehouse was constructed at the corner of Church St and S.E. 2nd St costing the Company $87,000 paid off in full in 1945. Throughout the years the Carlisle Fire Company purchased various apparatus to fullfill the needs of the members and the community. Fully operating in those quarters with pride until 1978 the company was moved to its current home at 615 N.W.Front St.
Today with approximately 94 members and 12 pieces of emergency vehicles, the Carlisle Fire Company still operates with pride.