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Greenport Fire Department

Posted: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 - 01:58:35 PM
Updated: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 - 01:58:35 PM


Greenport Fire Department proudly protects 12,000 people living in an area of 8 square miles. We operate out of 2 stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

The Greenport Fire Department was organized in 1845. The Department has 180 volunteer members and responded to 749 calls in 2007. The Greenport Fire Department has a Junior Fire Department and a Ladies Auxiliary. The Department consists of 5 Companies: Eagle Hose Company; Relief Hose Company; Star Hose Company; Standard Hose Company and Phenix Hook & Ladder Company. Our department has a very active Rescue Squad complete with 2 ALS Ambulances, a Heavy Rescue Truck, Heavy Rescue/Engine and 2 Schwinn Rescue Bikes. Our fire protection area includes water and many of our volunteers are trained in water rescue. We have an 18' Privateer boat and a 12' inflatable for dive rescue. We have a restored (and in working condition) 1848 Hand Pumper. The newest pieces of equipment we have recently added is a 2004 Seagrave Rescue.

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