Perth Amboy Fire Department

As one of the oldest fire departments in Middlesex County, the Perth Amboy Fire Department provides fire protection and other emergency services for the 4.5 square mile city of Perth Amboy, NJ. The department responds to an average of 3,600 emergency incidents a year ranging from fires and emergency medical calls to rescue and other emergency type incidents. The Perth Amboy Fire Department is equipped to respond to a wide variety of calls for assistance above and beyond fire type emergencies. Since the implementation of a “First Responder” to assist the municipal Emergency Medical Service, the department responds to an average of 1,000 Medical assistance calls during the year. With emergency response vehicles equipped with a full complement of emergency medical equipment, department members responded to all serious medical emergencies within the city. Semi-automatic defibrillator units have been used on several occasions to stabilize residents who were in cardiac arrest, as well as delivering several babies since the implementation of the “First Responder” program. The mission of the Perth Amboy Fire Department is to provide fire suppression, promote public awareness and fire prevention activities to decrease the perils of fire; as well as responding to other emergencies to best protect the community. Always vigilant – planning for the future.