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West Ridge Fire Department

Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 - 09:25:21 PM
Updated: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 - 09:25:21 PM


Phone: (814) 833-4440

The West Ridge Fire Department operates out of 2 stations Millcreek Township in northern Erie County, Pennsylvania. The West Ridge FD has been an all volunteer fire department since 1940 and is Millcreek Township Fire Company #4. West Ridge FD is also known as "The Defenders of the Ridge." The first due district is divided in residential, business and industrial. Currently, West Ridge protects about 35% of Millcreek Township. To date, the first due district is growing all the time with new homes and businesses going up non stop. Spread out throughout Millcreek Township, you will find 5 volunteer fire departments, and 7 fire stations. Currently, WRFD has mutual aid agreements with the following Fire Departments: West Lake, Kearsarge, Lake Shore, Belle Valley, Edinboro, Perry Hi-Way, Fairview, McKean, Girard, and Erie City. WRFD is 1 of 5 volunteer Fire Departments that serve Millcreek Township. WRFD is also a part owner of Millcreek Paramedic Service, ALS ambulance service that serves Millcreek Township.
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