Regional Fire & Rescue Department, Inc.

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Regional Fire & Rescue Department, Inc., proudly serves roughly 8,000 people living in an area of approximately 160 square miles. We operate out of one station that protects a primarily rural area. Our fire department is not tax-funded. We are funded by individual home & business owner subscribers who pay an annual fee for fire department service (fire protection) based upon under-roof square footage of their home or business and outbuildings, garages, etc. Other than the typical services the fire departments generally provide, we provide our Subscribers with Home or Vehicle Lock-out assistance, Snake and Africanized Bee Removal, fire-safety evaluations of homes or businesses, and CPR/First Aid training. Our personnel are on paid hourly, or per call status.

Regional Fire & Rescue Dept. is a subscription based non-profit fire company which serves primarily Rural-Residential, and light Commercial areas within Central, and expanding to Western Pinal County, Arizona.

Our Staff includes Six full-time personnel, and two part-time. This includes the Fire Chief, Secretary/Treasurer, A-Shift & B-Shift Captain or Lieutenant, and one Firefighter/EMT on each 24 hour shift. This does not include rotating (paid-per-call) Reserve Firefighters working two 12 hour shifts per month, and filling occasional shift vacancies.

We serve an area of approximately 160 square miles in our first due however, we also respond at the request of the Arizona Highway Patrol (DPS) to Interstate-10 from MP 185 to 192 near Casa Grande, and areas of Interstate-8 from MP 172 half way to Gila Bend, Arizona (MP 150). Interstate-8 responses half-way to Gila Bend are not included within our 160 square mile response area, as well as the occasional response to Interstate-10 MP 211-219 as an alternate provider on that stretch of highway toward Tucson. All tolled, we cover just under 100 miles of Arizona State Highways and Interstate. Also within our first due area, we have the potential for incidents involving several miles of Railroad, and this includes several miles of Natural Gas Pipeline from El Paso Natural Gas Co., as well as the Southwest Gas Company and the Kinder-Morgan (fuel) pipeline on their easement.

We reorganized as a non-profit organization back in June 2004, and have received our IRS 501 (c) (3) and Public Charitable Organization status as an IRS 509 (A) (2). We are interested in expanding our services elsewhere and encourage interested parties to contact our business office, or send us an inquiry by e-Mail to You can view our new web page a  Thanks for visiting with us today!