Chicago Fire Department

The Bureau of Operations is the Chicago Fire Department's largest bureau, combining 99 fire engines ( 25 of which are Advanced Life Support), 60 fire trucks, 71 ambulances ( 59 Advanced Life Support and 12 Basic Life Support), and one fire boat as first line operations apparatus. The bureau also has a compliment of other specialized equipment ( i.e. 2 helicopters, 4 squad units, Hazardous Material Unit, Collapse Rescue Unit, etc.) which are used to mitigate any situation that our emergency response personnel may be faced with. The bureau has a personnel force of approximately 4,000 uniformed Firefighters and Paramedics, many of which are "cross trained" dual status. There are various levels of supervision which insures effectiveness and efficiency. The Bureau of Operations will receive over 500,000 calls for help in the year 2000 and will respond to various incidents involving people with emergency medical conditions as well as calls to preserve property.