Marlborough Fire Department

The members of the Marlborough Fire Department proudly protect approx. 37,000 people living in a 22.2 square mile area. The Department operates out of 3 Firehouses that protect a primarily residential area. Marlborough is a full time paid professional department.






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The Marlborough Fire Department protects lives and property through aggresive delivery of safety education, fire prevention, firefighting, rescue and emergency medical services by providing a highly trained and well equipped team of Professional Firefighters.

The Mission of the Department is to protect and to save the lives, the property, and the environment of the citizens of Marlborough from the effects of fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, and other sudden happenings.

The City of Marlborough was first established as the Town of Marlborough in the year 1660. As the town grew, the citizens recognized a need for fire protection and three separate fire companies were established.



The Torrent 1 Fire Company was established in 1849 and was the first fire company in the town, followed by the Okommakamesit and the Hydraulicon. There were rivalries between the fire companies, and on occasion fights would erupt over who would get the honors of putting the first water on the blaze. Sylvester F. Bucklin worked to come up with a set of rules towards the formation of an organized Fire Department for the town.



In the late summer of 1855 a documented set of rules were adopted and the Marlborough Fire Department was officially incorporated. The newly incorporated fire department was governed by a Board of Fire Engineers, who were placed in charge of directing the affairs of the Department.



As time went on, the wear and tear on the three engines took it's toll and eventually they were replaced by improved and larger apparatus. The second Torrent, also given the number 1 was built by the Jeffers Company in Pawtucker, Rhode Island. The new Torrent had a 9 inch piston, replacing the old 5 inch of the previous pumper. The Okommakamesit was replaced by a larger unit, a 10 inch button pump. The new Okommakamesit was built in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The need for a Ladder Company in the town was fulfilled with the formation of the Union Ladder Company 1. This company consisted of thirty volunteers.



The need for a permanent water supply was accomplished with the installation of a water works system in 1884. The system was made up of a large reservoir located at the top of Sligo Hill, over 37 miles of underground water mains and 277 fire hydrants.



Marlborough took a great leap in the technological sense with an electric telegraph fire alarm system which was completed in 1887.



Another innovation came in 1888, when horses were first used to pull the fire apparatus. The Fire Department was fully horsepowered by the year 1891.



The year 1890 was a milestone for Marlborough as it made the transition from a town to a City.



The Pleasant Street firehouse was built in 1895 for a mere $17,000. In 1897 Ladder 1 was moved from it's old quarters and housed with Hose 2 at Pleasant Street.



A new high pressure standpipe system with 36 high pressure hydrants was put into service.



In 1909 a new Central Fire & Police Station was built on Main Street.



In 1910 the first request for the newly developed motorized fire apparatus to replace the horses and to reduce the cost of maintenance.



The City's first motorized fire truck was delivered in 1918. It was a 1917 White triple combination pumper, and was housed at the new Central Fire Station. By the year 1922 the Department sported four more motorized pieces of apparatus. In 1923, the last of the horse drawn apparatus was retired: the Department was fully motorized.



In 1930, the 1st Civil Service Fire Chief was sworn in. Samuel Daoust served as Chief of Department for 19 years and died while fighting a 2 alarm fire.



A medical response system was initiated in 1951, with resuscitators placed in service on the Engines. This was the start of the medical response system that we now have and has been upgraded to Paramedic service by a private ambulance company. The amount of resusciator calls and fires seemed to double each year. In response, the city hired more firefighters and shortened the work week from 70 hours to and average of 52 hours. The amount of runs kept increasing each year. In the early 60's a fourth group of firefighters was established, this in turn changed the average work week from 52 hours to 42 hours, to which we still work today.



In 1967 the Firefighters of Marlborough sought representation by the International Association of Firefighters. The Marlborough Firefighters were chartered as Local 1714.



The residents of the easterly section of Marlborough asked for a fire station to be located in their part of the city as it was growing fast with numerous apartment buildings and housing developments. While Station 3 was being built, the city setup a temporary fire station at the Evergreen Cemetery garage in the heart of the Evergreen Cemetery (Wilson Street). It was know as "Tombstone". There were many days we had to take "a ride" so that we wouldn't interfear with burials. The new Easterly Fire Station located at 260 Boston Post Road East was completed and dedicated in 1973. After some renovations it is still used today



After many years of talks & planning a site was finally found and the new station was built, 1995 brought the opening of the new Central Fire Station on Maple Street (Route 85). This closed a long era and a lot of memories at the Main Street Station.



There have been many changes in the Department since it's humble beginnings in 1855. The Medical response system that was started in 1951 with a resuscitator and a first aid kit has grown into the EMS system of today.



The majority of the department serves in the dual role of Firefighter/EMT and some members trained to the Firefighter/EMT-D level in use of the Semi-Automatic Cardiac Defibrillators, Eppie Pens, the Hurst Jaws of Life tool, Air Bags, Specialized Meters, etc. We also have a dive team for water rescues, a high angle rescue team (HURT) for rescues using ropes. The members of the department have all been trained to the 24 hour Hazardous Materials Technicial level, 5 members are trained to the 240 hour tech level and are members of the states District 3 Haz-Mat Team, Department members have also been trained in Confined Space and Trench Rescue. We do it all and we still make "HOUSE CALLS"


Thank you for visiting our website. The Marlborough Fire Department exists to meet the needs of the citizens and visitors of our Community.



The Department would like to remind it's residents that their house numbers should be clearly visable from the street. Numbers should be atleast FOUR inches tall and reflective or a highly CONTRASTING COLOR. A delay could occur in getting to your emergency if the number is not easly seen. This is especially true at night.

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