Chateauguay Fire Department

<?xml:namespace prefix = dme />The City of Chateauguay is located on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada ( we are on the french part of Canada, but the city as 40% of it's population that are english spoken citizen)and has a population of nearly 46 000 peoples within 15 square miles. The city is mostly urban and has a large industrial park whit many high risk industries. the fire department has 32 full time and 16 part time paid firefighters, there are 8 crew members on duty each shift as follow: 1 chief of operations, 1 captain, 1 lieutenant and 5 firefighters (4 full time and 1 part time). The fire department also operate a fire prevention division with 2 fire prevention technicians under 1 Chief of prevention, there are also 2 secretary and the fire chief. The department respond to 1100 emergency calls a year, we are not providing full EMS, but we respond automaticaly to all traffic accidents. And as of sept 2011 we will provide confined space and collapse rescue. We respond from one central fire station whit the following equipment: Unit 120 Mobile comand post / chief Unit 220 1250 gpm engine Unit 320 1050 gpm engine Unit 420 105' Quint/2000 gpm pump Unit 1020 Mobile command post / Chief Unit 1120 Service Unit Unit 1420 20' rescue boat Unit 1420b 16' rescue boat Unit 1520 85' Platform Quint / 1050 pump Unit 1620 Special operations support Unit 1720 Foam Unit and 1720-2 for technical rescue